Help Stop Dirty Coal and End Mountaintop Removal Mining

Want to help shape America’s energy future? Here’s what you can do:

1. Spread the Word.

Inspired by the film and its outreach campaign, a growing number of nonprofit and grassroots organizations have joined forces to launch an innovative campaign to promote the film and raise awareness to end mountaintop removal, promote economically viable and sustainable energy solutions and direct folks to find meaningful ways of staying engaged in the debate. Want to join them? Visit their website here:

2. Support the Cause.

Support the groups featured in the film that are fighting against mountaintop removal mining and promoting sustainable economies:

  • Maria Gunnoe and Chuck Nelson work at the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition. Help them as they oppose new mountaintop removal permits and fight strip mines which are already in operation.
  • Bo Webb and his colleagues at Coal River Mountain Watch are working to stop strip mining on Coal River Mountain and are promoting a sustainable wind project instead.
  • If you believe that peaceful civil disobedience is necessary to make change, then support Climate Ground Zero’s work. An ever-changing group of activists are at the camp in the Coal River Valley.
  • Joe Lovett and the Appalachian Mountain Advocates are using the courts and the best science available to force coal utilities, coal mining companies and government agencies to follow the law.
  • Help the Natural Resources Defense Council and a coalition of environmental groups as they pressure banks to stop financing mountaintop removal mining projects. Already six banks are moving in the right direction!

For more groups fighting against mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia click here.

3. Lobby for Change.

Join with the NRDC and other groups and urge President Obama to ban mountaintop removal mining and the destruction of Appalachian communities by reinstating the “fill rule” which prevents the dumping of mining waste into streams, lakes and valleys.

Also visit and ask Congress to support the Clean Water Protection Act, a bill that would ban mountaintop removal mining.

4. Reduce your Energy Use and if you can, use Renewable Energy.

McKinsey & Co., a top US business consultant says the US can cut electricity use by almost a quarter, and it will pay for itself! Read the report and start at home by changing your light bulbs to compact fluorescents which can cut your bills and electricity use and by 75%. For more simple ways to reduce your energy use click here. The less electricity we use, the less we’ll need dirty coal.

5. Clean Coal?

Actually, it doesn’t exist. To learn more about why “clean coal” is a dirty lie vist

To watch other films about coal and mountaintop removal, click here.